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Our Company’s Profile

Our company has been operating in the Czech and foreign markets for eight years. Our main activity is to provide technical assistance to investors of building projects, especially commercial and entertainment centers. Our company was established in the Czech Republic in 2003 when we provided technical supervision for investors of new commercial centers. Over the past eight years, we have expanded and have been involved in foreign projects, beginning in Belgium and later moving into Poland and Hungary. Since 2006, we have been providing consultancy services to investors in Luxembourg, Portugal, Bulgaria and Slovakia.

Thanks to our superior personnel and thorough selection of suppliers, we are able to provide high-quality services and respond flexibly to all investor needs.

The most interesting project we have participated in so far was the construction of the Médiacité Liège Commercial and Entertainment Center in Belgium. The project was completed in October 2009 and was unique mainly because of the structure’s design, which was sometimes very demanding. Our last completed project was the construction of the Our last completed project was the construction of the Corvin Atrium Commercial Center in Budapest. For this project, we provided technical supervision for the investor and coordinated tenant operations. The commercial center opened in October 2010.

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