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Extension parking in CC Nový Smíchov

Extending the third underground carpark level from 9.400 sqm to 22.500 sqm with parking lots (550u) exclusively reserved for people with prepaid parking places. This project was an adjustment of the existing gravel subsoil base and extension of the concrete slab including epoxy coating, creation of 2 new lobbies with staircases and access control, creation of an outside direct access with lifts, expanding the parking system installations including gates, navigation signage and CCTV.


Ségécé Česká republika s.r.o.
Plzeňská 3217/16
150 00 Praha 5


PIKAZ s.r.o.
PG Development s.r.o.


September 2011 – December 2011


22 500 m2

Provided services:

  • Preparing a selection procedure for choosing suppliers
  • Investor’s technical supervision
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