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Investor Engineering Supervision

We provide services related to construction preparation and implementation with a special focus on investor engineering supervision. Our team is available to the client...

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Tenant Coordination

We assist our clients with both technical and administrative matters to help them carry out and coordinate commercial interior tenant improvements in shopping malls...

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Eco-Friendly Construction

We assist our clients throughout the entire building certification process and support them in the long-term concept of environmental management...

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Our future is built on our high level of expertise, flexibility and professionalism displayed by both our employees and suppliers. Our team is always looking for active individuals willing to adapt to our company’s cosmopolitan environment.

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Our company has been operating in the Czech and foreign markets for eight years. Our main activity is to provide technical assistance to investors of building projects, especially commercial and entertainment centers.

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Customer satisfaction

We care about our customers’ satisfaction and therefore we strive to provide our customers with enough opportunities to get back to us. If you are interested in our services or you did not find what you were looking for, please contact us.

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