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Tenant Coordination

We assist our clients with both technical and administrative matters to help them carry out and coordinate commercial interior tenant improvements in shopping malls. Our goal is to provide our clients with the necessary information and assistance to ensure seamless business operations for the tenants and timely openings of leased premises.

As part of our tenant coordination, we prepare commercial property plans, technical support for the commercialization team and pre-activity meetings with administrative authorities in order to comply with all sanitary, fire protection and planning requirements and regulations. We regularly check progress payments by tenants, budget balances and compliance with specification requirements. Our responsibilities also include updating tenants on different kinds of changes and restrictions related to their interior build outs and assist them in securing building permits and building operations notifications.

As a part of commercial tenant improvements, we supervise the handover of commercial facilities to tenants, prepare handover certificates confirming the condition of the premises, coordinate the tenants’ construction site and make sure they comply with all safety rules and investor’s regulations. Our main responsibility is to verify that construction work is performed in line with contract documents and production schedules.

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