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Technical Assistance with Eco-Friendly Construction

We assist our clients throughout the entire building certification process and support them in the long-term concept of environmental management that extends beyond the phase of developing sustainable use buildings (type BREEAM, HQE, LEED and others). The certification is selected depending on the given project, investor’s economic potential and local conditions.

During the first stage, before any work begins, we help investors define the goals to be achieved in conjunction with their suppliers (architects and site managers). The goals are included into the building plan and into the specifications that we prepare. The first stage is followed by environmental management. During the second stage, we ensure the due application of technical recommendations of the specifications by all contractors, i.e. the general contractors, the design office, the construction safety unit and the general contractor’s subcontractors.

Throughout the project, we communicate on behalf of the investor with a company that issues certificates and that will receive from us any and all documentation required to monitor the fulfillment of established goals. We are responsible for making sure all goals have been achieved and the investor can obtain the given certificate.

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