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Investor Engineering Supervision

We provide services related to construction preparation and implementation with a special focus on investor engineering supervision. Our team is available to the client throughout the project’s preparation, tender procedures, construction, construction handover and warranty/customer service work.

We provide the following services to our clients:

  • Communication with relevant authorities in order to obtain building permits
  • Preparation of tender documents and supervision over specifications
  • Scheduling
  • Drafting a list of contractors
  • Organization of tender procedures
  • Bid assessment to ensure completeness
  • Comparing bids (price x quality x deadline) and recommending the best contractor
  • Negotiating a draft contract with the selected contractor and writing possible amendments to it
  • Quality control of construction work
  • Verifying compliance with project documentation
  • Work progress checks, schedule updates
  • Organization of site meetings during construction
  • Approving sums to be invoiced pursuant to contracts for work
  • Partial technical acceptance of work
  • Supervision over required tests
  • Defect and backlog checks
  • Organization of final handover and acceptance of the construction
  • Organization of final inspection
  • Assistance to the client when announcing the opening of new premises
  • Assistance to the client throughout occupancy and with filing workmanship/warranty claims
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